Monday, July 30, 2018

Olyfkrans College participates in Street Soccer tournament

On Saturday the 28th July 2018, 12 enthusiastic Olyfkrans College soccer players participated in a very exciting and grueling Street Soccer tournament. There were 9 teams in total during the day competing for the prize money. 

The tournament was held on the school grounds of local school, Bontebok Primary and hosted by 
The Railton Foundation.

What made this tournament so incredibly special, was the fact that we were also privileged to be introduced to players whom have previously participated in International Street Soccer tournaments in Oslo, Norway.  This year two lads from Railton, Swellendam were selected to represent South Africa in the International Tournament in Mexico.  This also shows that opportunities are available for those that work hard and practice practice! 

Our guys had two teams for the day, Olyf City and Olyfkrans Black Panthers.  We made it into the semi-finals but unfortunately were out-played by another team.  Special mention was made during the selection of Man of the Match, Chiquita Piliso, goalkeeper, was one of the names of the day.
It was a fantastic day, new connections and friends were made. 

Thank you to Railton Foundation for always including us and giving our guys the chance to compete and also work together in our communities.

If any parents or good Samaritans would like to donate to our ongoing soccer support programme, please send us an email for details.  We always have a goal in mind. There are also referee courses available to school going players and this is something we would like some of our boys to consider. 

The Winning team for the day, along with organisers and coordinators.