Monday, November 11, 2019

Let's talk trash!

Saturday the 9th November, the Heuningbos lads and I joined a local community group, Love Swellendam. We cleaned a section of the Koornlands river, picking up rubbish, any foreign objects, old clothing etc that made its way down the river.

This is obviously a very important task, not just for the beauty factor of the river and area, but because the Koornlands river joins the Kliprivier which then flows into the Breede River. The Breede River then joins the ocean. We are hopefully all aware of the detrimental effect plastics and other non-biodegradable materials have on our oceans and animal life.

Thank you to Tammy Howie for starting this initiative.  It was a positive experience for all of us.
Tammy Howie far left with the Heuningbos boys and day scholar Petrus. 

Our starting point

La Belle Alliance, looking down on the Koornlands river. 

The section we cleaned on Saturday