Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Grade 11 Outing to Umshanti

Awesome day on the DAM!

Thank you Mr Ramone for being the lifeguard for the day.

Sport Against Crime

Saturday, 13th April, we were invited to participate in a friendly sport day at VRT Pitt Primary School. The theme for the day was, SPORT AGAINST CRIME.

There were many teams, netbal, soccer and rugby. The message of the day was that sport is our greatest weapon against youth crime. The day started with the courageous Working On Fire squad doing a drill and also singing our National Anthem. We were also addressed by the South African Police who specifically spoke about the seriousness of drug abuse and its consequences.

I was very proud of my lads, that played their hearts out as usual and came 2nd overall on the day. Thank you also to Rotary SA and Railton Foundation for the incredible work they do with our community's youth. 

Special mention to our team captain, Chiquita Piliso, he did a magnificent job with the organising of the squad and assisting me with all the arrangements. Thank you Chiquita. 

Heuningbos Reaching for the sky!

Germany supports Volley ball!

Our Volley ball is becoming so famous, we even had a German player imported for our Saturday team challenge!