Tuesday, March 3, 2020

USA Trail Less Traveled visits Olyfkrans

We were fortunate enough to be visited by Mandela van Eeden, born in the USA, family roots in SA, and childhood memories in the bush. Well traveled and adventurous, Mandela is a bottomless source of energy and inspiration. 


The Trail Less Traveled, hosted by Mandela, is dedicated to documenting humanity & planet earth by gathering stories & sounds from the most remote locations around the world. The goal for the show is to take you, the listener, back to mankind's earliest form of entertainment: story telling. Therefore, every week features an interview with an adventurer in their natural habitat in order to provide an audible journey packed with information & inspiration.
Everyone has a story & different perspective, we aim to share the stories from the world’s diverse cultures & unknown lands. We give back to each culture by doing outreach with local schools while recording on location.