Friday, August 21, 2015

Olyfkrans celebrating South African writer's birthday

At the end of July, Olyfkrans College had the privilege to celebrate Mrs Petra Muller, well-known South African writer and poet's birthday.  Staff and learners helped to make this day one to remember.  Mrs Muller has been a family friend of the Mocke's for many years and still has very strong ties with Swellendam.  

Ons was uiters bevoorreg om hierdie dag saammet Petra Muller en haar familie en vriende te kon deel. Dit was ook vir die leerlinge 'n wonderlike ervaring om skouers te kon skuur met mense wat so 'n groot impak maak in die literêre wêreld

Ready for the Sunday Lunch. In the main building
Mrs Mocke and some of the crew, brothers Joshua and Theo.
Ms Anthea, our school kitchen cook hard at work.
Trusty Bosluis taking the boys for Sunday walk while we prepare for the hungry writers.

Some of the great writers of our time caught in deep discussion.

Beautiful day shared with friends and family.

Preparation and detail = success! 

What a team! Ms Johanna and Ms Anthea with their team. These two ladies run the school kitchen on a daily basis.      Thank you all for your valuable contribution. Dit was 'n wonderlike dag saammet wonderlike mense.