Friday, March 2, 2018

Grade 11 Visits Umshanti

Grade 11's went for a morning of fun at the beautiful Umshanti on the waters of the Buffeljags Dam.

It was a tremendously entertaining and fun day on the decks of the riverboat. Thank you to each and everyone in the group for putting a smile on my face.  The laughter and joy was worth every second.

Just relax.........

Hello boys

Cool and the gang

Mihle showing off his coolness 

Die manne

Absolute Beauty - Magnificent Buffeljags Dam

the silence before the storm - warning - grade 11's approaching

Kloof patrollie

Under control and in control

Richard makes his move

Lifeguard on duty

Calvin about to pounce

Valentin mid-air

No way to stay dry

Calvin strikes again?

Will he jump?

Dylan getting a pep talk on the tactics of jumping off the roof

Ryan showing how it is done

Kloof King Calvin

Mr Khumalo taking an Uber